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Arnie Gess

B2B Marketing Services for the construction ​and building industry.

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As a pioneering Canadian B2B publishing entrepreneur and ​marketing consultant, I've empowered hundreds of ​businesses to navigate the evolving landscape from trade ​magazine publishing to the forefront of digital ​communications and social media marketing. My journey has ​been about adapting and leading in the digital age, ensuring ​businesses not only keep pace but set the pace in their ​industries.

My expertise lies in amplifying your brand's message and ​significantly increasing visibility of your digital content. I'm ​here to offer a partnership, even if it's just a few hours each ​month, to refine your digital content strategy. Whether you ​aim to boost brand exposure or drive targeted traffic to your ​site, I'm ready to craft a custom solution that propels your ​business forward.

what i offer

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Social Media

Boost engagement and sales with ​expert B2B social media ​strategies.

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Bl​og Writing

Enhance your blog's impact with ​cutting-edge AI writing expertise

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Engage with effective press release​s, e-Newsletters and m​ore.

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Website Creation

Get your new stunning, user-​friendly website built with Canva expert​ise.

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Event ​Management

Transform your next event or trade ​show into memorable successes ​with expert planning and execution.

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On-demand ​Services

Access top-tier marketing expertise ​flexibly, without full-time ​commitment.

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Social media services - starting at $595 per month

Blog writing services - starting at $395 per blog

Communications services - starting at $595 per month

Website creation services - starting at $995

Event management services - $100 per hour or $600 per day

On-demand marketing services - $695 for 5 hours or $995 ​for 10 hours

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