I’ve been a Canadian B2B publishing entrepreneur and marketing consultant since 1989. I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses throughout my career from the early days of trade magazine publishing, onto managing national trade shows and currently into the next chapter with digital communications, marketing, publishing and social media.

I specialize with helping business and organizations expand their branding messages and getting "more eyes" on their digital content.

I invite your business or organization to partner with me - even for a few hours a month if that is all you need. Whether your digital content strategy is improving brand exposure or direct clicks back to your website or landing page, I would be excited to work with you and maximize a package specifically tailored for you.

For those of you working in the construction and building industry, I also own a very popular content sharing platform - Construction Links Network. Check it out and subscribe to my e-Newsletter distributed to over 7,000 industry subscribers every Thursday.

Arnie Gess
M: 403-589-4832